Notifications or alerts when accessing the application

I have a series of tasks that have a deadline. Is there any possibility that when the application is accessed, automatically without taking any action, a notification or alert with pending tasks appears?

I think it’s not possible, but would like also to see some automatic features on sign in.

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You could display a hint component or something on the first tab based on date and time. What is your criteria for showing an alert?

You could create a math column that returns the current date and time (Now) and then use it for IF comparisons against the dates in your tasks, and then use that is some way to trigger a hint component to be shown.


My criteria is to set an alert or notification as a reminder of those pending tasks, so that as soon as I enter I take care of them.
I have already added hint and collections of pending tasks, but I just wanted to know if the notification or alert was possible.

So you’re asking for something to actually pop up on the screen in addition to a hint or collection? If so, then no, that would require an action, and like @nixkulinax mentioned, it’s not possible to run an action when the app opens.


maybe it is, if you can track last visit time, and when updated within the first visit, send a hook or something to side script, but not sure

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I once tried modifying a custom collection to be a pop up containing a message and an exit button that would record the current timestamp with the usc column written to the user table. This timestamp will be the basis for comparing the set publication time and whether or not the popup message has been read.
I don’t know if this is what you need.

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yeah!!, that’s what I need. how did you do it?
I understand the part in which when closing the pop-up window the date is recorded in the column and also makes the date comparison, that can be done with an action. But I understand that it can’t be done automatically, right? It will always depend on an action you do on a button for example, right? thanks in advance!!

I don’t know if our automatic understanding is the same. However my pop up will appear once the date and time in the user table is before the planned date and time of publication of my message. After the user reads it of course he needs to press the close button so that it produces the date and time afterwards.
Meanwhile, to transform custom collections I rely on CSS. In simple terms, maybe you can use HTML with a richtext component that is given the set custom value action

Does it have to be a pop-up though? Theoretically you can have a “last read” timestamp in your users table, then:

  • When users log in, if there’s a “notification” to be shown and their “last read” timestamp is not within today, then show the notification.

  • If there’s a notification to be shown and their “last read” timestamp is within today, then show other components.

  • If there’s no notification to be shown, show other components.

That could be packed into an If-Then-Else column, let’s call it “Show all components?”:

  • If notifications count = 0, then true.
  • If last read is within today then true.
  • Else leave it empty, or false.

One thing you could do based on the advice of everyone above, is control the visibility of your tabs. For example if you want to show a notification, then set your tab visibility to show a notification tab, but hide all others. If there is no notification to show, then you can hide the notification tab and show the other tabs. So basically what @ThinhDinh is saying, but instead of hiding or showing individual components, you hide or show entire tabs.


The advantage gained if you involve user tables is that this component can be displayed on all screens, in whatever form of display you want.


It isn’t an easy solution but my idea might be used as a workaround.

Time ago I made something like what you need using your deadline as the “enable trigger” in my solution and show a warning message every XX minutes.

Here you can see and evaluate my idea:


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If you have css you could create a Floating Button that is visible when conditions are met and hidden when not?

In particular this section:



Thank you… loved this post.

My application is to add a ‘new message alert’ that appears when needed and directs users to their inbox.

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