Please Test: New Shopping Cart Template

I was personally a little confused about one aspect of the checkout.

You have both “Add to Cart” and “Submit” on same screen.

Aren’t they the same thing? Do you need to add first and then submit?

No wait, that’s just a page title, not a button.

In that case I would perhaps remove the title or change it to “Ordering” and change the active button to “Add to Cart”.

I also noticed that selecting Pickup does not remove the Shipping charge from the order.

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I have tested. (just to know and learn more, considering I have no experience enought to give you valuable feed backs).

The app is realy easy to use and very clean.
I loved the word "delete’ just below the pencil icon. (It was a TEXT component, wasn´t it?)

What about the “View Size Chart” ? Is a Open Web View component or a File?


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Nice and simple App. Here’s some feedback:

• An item was selected as “favorite” but didn’t show in the wish list.
• Delivery fee line should disappear if selected choice is Pickup
• After making payment, you might want to consider asking customer to enter the payment reference number instead of just clicking “I confirm payment”.
• Checkout can be a tab instead of being embedded in the page.
• Allow ability to “check out as guest”
• You might want to consider adding more menu items as such:



Thank you!

And yes, the ‘delete’ was a text component with the footnote style applied.

The size chart is just an image.

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Great catches! I’m working on fixing that shipping with pickup order now.

I don’t believe I can change the “Submit” text at this time.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll have to look into the API!

Thanks for testing! The favorite thing may have been a gldie glitch. I’m previewing now and able to see the wishlist populate.

Can you expand more about the checkout tab? I don’t know what you mean by it “being embedded in the page”.

I meant something like this


Gotcha! I started building the cart as it’s own screen. The issue I ran into is rebuilding it over and over again if I want to direct the user to the cart from different screens throughout the app. Or worse, if I need to make changes to the checkout screen.

For instance, with the great feedback I’ve received so far, I’ve only had to make an update in one place and it updates because the cart is its own row and acts as a detail screen. Big props to @Jeff_Hager for the hack.

I’ll think about adding this if it makes sense and it isn’t a pain to build.

Thanks for the idea!


Thinking out loud in case you want to pursue the idea:

  1. Setup a sheet=Cart, that shall host one row (and hence the detail screen) in which in GDE you add a user-specific column
  2. Have another sheet=Cart-Items that hosts the items added/edited and each row in sheet=cart-items is related to that user-specific column RowID in sheet=tab.
    With this also, each row in items-list sheet can be then tagged with order-number (if items is ordered) or wishlist (if added to cart but not deleted nor ordered).

This way, the lowe-frame tab’s visibility is governed by if that cart row is not empty.

Good Luck

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The app is set up like this already.

The issue isn’t getting the tab to show conditionally, it’s building out the screen and duplicating any changes I make to two or more separate screens.

Maybe users wouldn’t mind one extra click to get to the actual cart, but for me, I find it somewhat annoying and confusing to click on “My Cart” and have to click on one more item to actually view it. It would be great to take the user directly to the detail screen versus the listing.

If you have a different approach in mind on how to display the same detail screen without the extra click I’m all ears!

I really liked it and really made sense. I can’t wait for the tutorials I feel once we understand how to setup something like this a lot of us from different countries will be able to merge our local merchants to it

how does one do this do you have an example trying to build a custom cart failing to find a way to add items to cart(spreedsheet) that will appear in the new window

@Lisa this is so great! Been trying to figure something like this out for a few weeks now. Could you share the sheet template to see the back-end set up for this?

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@Lisa Please consider selling your template in the Glide Template store when you’re finished! I want to set up a store for a friend of mine and would buy it!


@Aragonzalez90 @Deena I’m working on adding the finishing touches as well as some documentation to submit this to the template store! :blush:


I don’t have an example handy - may be Lisa will soon publish her template to store.


How much would you sell it for so we from the other countries can gather coins together

I’ll base it off similar pricing for other store template apps. This one will be jam packed with the ability I customize a lot. So no less than $49.99.

I’ll know for sure one I’ve finished and have a full list of all of the features :+1:

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That’s a very fair price given the complexity of the app and the amount of time you spent setting up the template! :star_struck:

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