New symbol on unread items

In my item bar, I have a view with a list of objects. I want to have the item bar symbol turn red, when an item has been added to the list that the user hasn’t read yet. This should be different for every user, so the user only gets a red icon, when he hasn’t seen the new item in the list. Is this possible? Can you even detect, if a user has seen the list after an update?

yes, you can detect if the user will click on it… then, you can switch images or emoji for that item in the USC column

How can I detect when the user clicks on the page? And can I make the background of the tab item another color? But only for one of the items, not all of them

not a page, any element that has an action… what do you mean by “tab item”… you can do anything with CSS as long you are using Apps not Pages.

In the bottom bar, I have a page with a list, whenever an item gets added to this list, I want to make it clear to the user that an item has been added. Either by changing the background or changing the icon (emoji with a “new” bubble at the top). But when you have seen the new list, the icon should change back to the neutral one.

Do you mean something like this?


I’m new to CSS, so can you be a bit more specific. Where do I input this code in a glide?

ad a Rich Text component, and paste it, for the code above… you need to do that for each tab…
this only works in Glide Apps… do not use it for Glide Pages

It works great now, but how can I make the red circle disappear when the button bar has been clicked on? Is it possible to call an action when button bar gets clicked on, because if that is the case, then I know how to solve the problem.

no… there is no action for tab icons… you can show the pop-up message, that the user can dismiss… which will create an action to clear the notifications count… or when they go through notifications… increment down the count, every time tey click the list item.

Thanks for everything. 1 last question, can I make the number(22) be connected to the table, so it is dynamic. E.g when the count is 4 it shows 4, when count is 8 it shows 8.

you did not read the description… yes… use the template column… substitute 22 with your own number or text