HELP! I think my app is broken!

My app’s URL:
Whenever I try to access my Conversations tab in the data, the page goes blank and the app crashes. I’ve made copies of my app and for some reason, I can access the tab in the copies, but not in the Pro version anymore. Ugh! Help!

And now my conversations SCREEN is showing info that I deleted from my conversations TAB. I don’t know what the app is actually reading from anymore. This is super weird and most definitely a bug. Since I know it will be a question… No, I did not create a duplicate Google sheet when I copied the app. The copy is reading from the same sheet at my Pro version.

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+1 to this. Same problem in my test app.

@Mark : could you have a look at this issue, quite annoying as it impacts the builder / Data editor?

Hours later… It’s still not working. I can’t access this tab in the Pro version, but the copy is fine. I don’t get what’s going on.

We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!


It’s fixed. Thanks again, and apologies for the problems.

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No worries Mark, thanks a lot for your time! Have a nice weekend.

Mine is still doing the same thing. I tried deleting the excess rows in the tab. No luck.

WAIT!!! It’s working! I signed out and in again. Thanks!

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Hey there! Glad to see that your app is working now, too. That was pretty scary!

I was wondering if you had an array formula that will add two text cells together and autopopulate with every new row? For example:
C1: First name D1:Last name E1: First name Last name

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C<>"",C2:C&" "&D2:D,""))

That should work.

@Dr_Renee_Volny_Darko is you start a new discussion then please start a new thread :slight_smile:

Any reason you wouldn’t use a template column for this?

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Because a template column won’t pull into the profile to indicate the signed in user