Help - I can't find Integrations

Hello, I’m using a Pro plan and I can’t see any of the integrations in my settings. No DocuSign, OpenAI etc. Only Zapier and Google Analytics. I’ve been using Glide Pages (now Apps?) since last December.
Is there a setting I’ve missed?

There should be a banner in the editor to enable beta integrations or something like that.

The other possibility is you’re on an older plan/ folder that doesn’t support integrations. Try creating a new team folder and moving the app to there. There could be some billing changes so you’d have to weigh the benefits if those changes apply.

I’d recommend duplicating the app and then playing around with that one.

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Thank you Eric. its not the first option. I’m afraid its probably the latter… being on an older plan. Currently I pay $99pm and get 5,000 public users. If I switch to the new Pro plan its just 500 users. Even the Business plan is less at 1,000. I guess I’ll have to weigh up the pro’s & con’s.


I know they’ve been making changes to plans so just keep an eye out. You may get more users.