Cannot find integration


I am trying to integrate Google Cloud. However, when I go to setting and integration, I only see Excel, google cloud, google analytics, and Zappier. I also do not see the action feature at the top of the screen next to data and layout. Any idea how to find these?

Thank you!

Integrations are not available for Classic apps in Legacy Team folders. You’ll need to use a new Glide App (formerly Glide Pages) to add integrations. Cheers!

Hi Robert!

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I am a newbie here in Glide. The link of my glide says Does this not mean that I am using a new Glide App? If not, could you tell me how to find the app?

Thank you!

What do you see when you click “Create a new project”?

This is what I see!

Can I see a screen shot of your two projects after you dismiss that window?

Also, to answer the question posed on the left hand side of your screen shot - if you go to the Billing Dashboard, you should see a “Delete Team” option at the bottom right.

Sorry for the language on the left hand side of my screenshot… That is a comment for my partner. I deleted it successfully! Thank you for the information.

Here is the screenshot. The main one I am using says “classic”

Okay, that explains why you don’t see the the full range of Integrations. They are not available for Classic Apps.

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Could you guide me on how I can change the classic apps to whatever all the integrations are available?

Thank you!

If you hover over the App on your Dashboard, you will see a 3 dot menu. Click on that and you’ll see an option to “Create App from data”. This creates a new version of your App in the new format. Everything that you’ve done in the Data Editor will be the same, but you will need to rebuild the User Interface.

A bit more information below:


That explains everything! Thank you. I have one more question. If I choose to create a new app keeping same sheet, is deleting the previous classic app going to affect the Google spread sheet and the new app?

As long as you don’t also delete the Google Sheet, then no, deleting the old App won’t affect the new App.

Thank you so much for your help. That saved me so much!

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I need help.
I have lost integration with Open Ai.
Everything worked yesterday, but it doesn’t work today. What to do? Thank you.

Hi @Darren_Murphy I got another problem…

Since I switched the old app to the new app, I cannot use independent screen configuration, which played a significant role in my old app. I saw some threads that I probably have to use if then relations to connect them all. But I am not sure that is the most efficient way. I would like to know if you have any idea about independent configuration on the new app.

Thank you!

Yes, that feature is not available with the new Apps.

The workaround is to create a custom action for your Collection, with a separate conditional branch for each collection item, then use a Show New Screen->This item for each branch.

This will give you the same result.

I really appreciate your prompt response.

What if I have so many collections? Creating a custom action for each item in the collections is the only way to do the same thing as independent screen configuration? I actually have 100+ so it would be not clever to do everything manually.

Thank you!

Well, it’s not really that much different. With Independent Screen Configuration, you still would have needed to configure every one of those 100+ details screens one by one.

This seems like an extreme use case, and sets of a few alarm bells for me. Normally, you would only use Independent Screen Configuration for a very small collection - maybe a half dozen items at most. The most common use case is to use a collection as a dashboard menu.

Are you 100% certain that you need Independent Screen Configuration?

Can you explain a bit more about your use case, perhaps share a few screens shots?
I’m starting to think that you might be creating way more work for yourself than you need to.

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Can you add some screenshots on what isn’t working?

I’m making a language vocabulary app. I have a list of categories such as frequently used words, food, sports, music, etc., which is a total of 14 categories, on a spreadsheet. On a different sheet, the “frequently used words” has five grammatical categories. Each category has a list of vocabularies. Each vocabulary has a set of translations to a certain language, definition, note, etc.

What I used to do with the old app is that I can simply set independent screen configuration for each category. It solved this problem.

However, I am not sure independent screen configuration is the best option for this case. It would probably be better to use other tactics but I am not aware of anything else that can solve this.