No Intergrations or public visibility function

Hello everyone,

I really need some help here. Since weeks I have the feeling that key functionalities are not available for me and I have no Idea why. I am on the right plan I guess but I can not see some things in the settings section, such as push notification. In another App I have the issue I can not make my App accessable without Logging In. The needed Icaons are not showing in my settings bar. Thanks for your help and input.

Be sure to enable the beta if you want access to the new integrations.

Also make sure that you don’t have apps in an old legacy team folder.


Hey Jeff,

Thank you so much! My App seems to be a “Classic App” which misses some features. Can I change it to something that allows Beta features or do I need to build the App new from Scratch?


You can create a new app from the data, which will keep your computed columns, but you would still have to rebuild the interface and any actions.

  • Make sure the app is in a team folder that is under the current pricing structure.
  • Make sure the App is a new App and not a Classic App.
  • Make sure you have enabled the beta feature.
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