Glide Actions Open Beta ⚡️

You may have noticed this innocuous looking banner at the top of your dashboard:

Join the Actions Open Beta to get access to our supercharged new Action editor, with reusable actions and powerful third-party integrations that connect your apps directly to the other tools you use:

So far, over 2,000 developers have joined the beta, leveling up their apps by connecting directly to Slack, Gmail, Clearbit, OpenAI, Outlook, Intercom, and 18 24 other native integrations we’ve added to Glide to power up your Action workflows. The speed of these native integrations is like nothing you’ve seen before, since they don’t rely on a middleman service like Zapier or Data is fetched nearly instantly–so quickly that many of the integrations are also available in the Data Editor as computed columns.

We’ve also brought the Action editor to the top bar, so you can create custom Action workflows in a more accessible way and save those actions for reuse throughout your app.

Ready to put the power of Actions and Integrations to work in your apps?

Join the Actions open beta by logging in to your account, then clicking the blue banner at the top of your team’s screen to get access. :sparkles:

We can’t wait to see how you leverage Actions in your projects. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, and also, if you’re building Action with Glide, please join us in the Actions category to share your experience.


PS: Integrations are only available in Apps, not Classic Apps (formerly known as Pages and Apps respectively).


Hi @david, do you plan to adapt your subscription prices given these new (great) features or do we need to have a 99$ subscription at minimum?

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I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking.


Have you seen the list of new integrations in Settings? Perhaps that list will be helpful. I color-coded it below.

(cut off in the screenshot: MixPanel, Stripe, Twilio, ZenDesk in the Business Plan)


Thank you @nathanaelb

Yes I did, and some interesting ones are only available with the “Pro Plan”; this is why I asked if there is something planned to make it available to other plans.

With regards to OpenAI: in this FAQ (Glide • OpenAI), we are asked to look at the pricing table (Glide • Pricing) but my “poor lonesome neuron” cannot find information about OpenAI.


Docs Automator is a new one. Man the list keeps growing! Watch out Make, Glide’s coming for ya!


I imagine Glide specifically chose which integrations are allowed with which plans. They may adjust a few of them, but for the most part, I’m pretty sure they specifically chose which plan will have access to which integration and most likely will not change that.

Each integration tells you the minimum plan required to use that integration. The glide pricing page tells you the cost of that Glide plan. In regards to OpenAI, it appears to be free to integrate into Glide under any plan, but there is a separate cost to use the OpenAI service. The documentation provides a link to OpenAI’s pricing. You need to pay to use OpenAI’s API.


I remember that section in the FAQ of the OpenAI doc. It’s true that the pricing page doesn’t indicate yet which integrations are available in each plan. Though we do know from the Integrations section in Settings that OpenAI is available on the Free plan.


Awesome direction for Glide

Hi David, very excited about these new features! The blue banner is not showing up in my dashboard though, is this feature available for all tiers of membership? Love the platform by the way, its revolutionized the way I build apps and the speed in which I can build them. Thanks, Tom

If you have a Page project (now called Glide Apps compared to Classic Apps), do you see the integrations when you open the builder?

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Hi, no I don’t. It was a pages app originally. I don’t see the banner in the dashboard, the extra integrations in the settings menu or the actions tab. Thanks

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That’s weird. I still see the banner in some of my teams. Can you try clearing the cache/cookie of your browser and try again?


That’s fixed it, thank you very much!


I have discovered that you must enable beta (by clicking the banner) in EACH TEAM that you wish to have Integrations turned on. It was working fine on one team and I tried to use it on another and got the old screens, with “Settings” in the center. None of the new integrations was available. Then I accepted the invite to beta and went back into that team, and the integrations were there, and Settings was now on the right side of the menu.

Indeed! Great observation. For context we choose to do it this way because there is some risk with any beta product and we wanted to offer the greatest control possible for power users to control where and how they take on risk.


Totally makes sense to me

Hello @david ,

These look like some pretty fantastic and long-awaited upgrades. They’re so great that they’ve made me, a lurker for about two years now, want to post and join the action.

I wanted to ask what your timeline is to fully roll-out these upgrades since we use glide to automate sensitive HR functions in our company, and are reluctant to expose our app to beta features that may change in the future.

  • What are your estimates in terms of these upgrades being available in their final form
  • If we do enroll in the beta, would we risk re-working our beta functionality in production?

Just trying to gauge the risk associated. Like I said, these are some very attractive upgrades :slight_smile:

Happy to take the rest of the community’s input on these matters.

Big thanks to glide and the greater community :pray:

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I wouldn’t say there’s no chance of this happening, but Glide has been super careful with this. Some of us experts were in kind of an alpha stage, so there has been a lot of work and test put into this before beta.

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