Help from you gurus! User info not carrying over to detail screen

I’m hoping some of you more-experienced Gliders can help me out. I’ll try to explain the problem as best I can. Unfortunately, I can’t share the app as it is for a client.

I have a home tab that is set to the user table. On that screen I have buttons to go to other tabs I have set up. The button takes me to the tab (obviously) that is a details screen for a different table which I have identified in the tab setting.

The problem is that the components on the screen do not match the profile of the logged in user, and I want them to. If I look at the DATA tab (at the bottom left) it is showing a different user than the logged in user and any component I add shows info for records associated with that user rather than the logged in user.

I have tried user filters on the components but I am not seeing the option to select from the current user. I do have relationship set up from the user to this other table, so that isn’t the issue.

Perhaps I am missing something basic here but I can’t figure out what it is. Is there a way to ensure that when I click on a button to go to a details screen that I am carrying over the current user or information from the current record?

I even tried using an inline list and have it open the details screen (the default action) but it still will open under a different users record. Arg! What am I missing?

Set a filter on the screen, not the components, to filter by signed in user. Or set row owners on your user table (unless you need each user to access other user’s profiles).


Oh! I think that got me part way there, ty! Not sure how I missed that.

Now I’ll just have to figure it out so that an admin can see all users records and users just see their own, but I think I can do the same from there.

Follow up question though; how can I get the option to see the filter by current user (drawn from the record list screen) rather than just the User Profile options. I can’t remember what it is called but I think it says something like “from current screen” or something. Ugh, sorry if that’s not clear, its just another option other than user profile that can be used for filtering.

Do you mean the screen values?


You can have multiple row owner columns, so to get this you could have a second row owner column that’s populated with your admins email address.

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Theres three different places you can set filter.

You can set a filter on a tab by clicking a tab on the left side of the builder and setting your filter options on the right side. Tab filters only use the user profile table and only refer to the signed in user’s row .

You can set a filter on a screen with a details style layout. Usually you just make sure you don’t have any components selected and you should have the options on the right side of the builder. This filter will look at field in the source table of that screen and you can filter against other columns in that table. The first row that matches the filter will display on the screen.

You can set filters on inline lists. They work the same way as screen filters, but only on that specific inline list component.