Question about ADD button and User Profiles Sheet

Anyone know the answers to these questions? @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto @Wiz.Wazeer, bothering you guys with this one when you have a moment - @ThinhDinh is hopefully sleeping at the moment. ::

  1. Is using the USER PROFILES sheet the ONLY WAY to be able to filter by SIGNED IN USER? Or is there another way?

  2. I am setting up another tab in my app, using the User Profiles sheet for the reason mentioned above, but then setting it to Details view so I can set up a totally different type of tab from the user profiles tab - BUT I want to use the ADD function to add items to this tab, but when I click ADD it shows me what is already set up for ADD in the All User Profiles tab. I checked and if I delete a component from the ADD screen on the new tab, it also deletes it on the other tab that uses the same sheet. I guess this is like how details pages for user profiles are always the same. UGH. lol. Is this correct?

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  1. No, there should be a filter option on email columns to filter by signed in user.


  1. Sounds correct. That falls in line with my phrase “layouts are tied to sheets” This goes along with Add and Edit as well. The only exception that I know of is the top level of a tab or Link to Screen. Forms are the only way that I know of the have independent “Add” screens.

I’ve found an occasional exception w/ editing: If I have a Sheet 1 that is mapped to Tab A and I enable editing for that Tab A, I can still disable editing for any content in Sheet 1 if I use it as an inline list elsewhere in the app. Is this what you’re describing?

@Deena If you have ROW IDs in existing sheet’s (Sheet1) column A, maybe duplicate the sheet and use ={Sheet1!A:A} in column A of new sheet then set up relations to migrate the rest of the content over?


Thank you @Rasha! That’s a good solution - I see many great workarounds and solutions from all of you more experienced Gliders!


@Deena I am always learning from you and your apps

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Ditto. I know you’re not fond of the “W” word and neither am I. But I begrudgingly adapt sometimes :wink:

@deena mirroring is what I suggested. Of note: