Picking/building User specific Home Screen

Hi Gliders!

I want my Users when they open their app to be a User Specific screen, their own personal dashboard of sorts. I have an existing details screen (which is populated from various Relations), but not sure of the best way to replicate that as the Dashboard/Home Screen. Not sure if I’m overthinking it or underthinking it. Do I just rebuild the same screen and set visibility conditions? Or am I able to always open to the User Profile screen when starting up the app?

Let me know if additional clarity would be helpful, thanks in advance!

I’d probably use the user table as the source of your dashboard screen and filter the screen where the email is the signed in user.

Or you could use your existing table, create a template or single value column that retrieves the signed in user’s email, and then use it to build relations.


Thanks Jeff! Got it working

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