Help! Edit Profile Button Disappeared From User Profiles

My glide created website involves users having profiles. On their profiles there was an ‘edit profile’ button. For some reason (probably my fault) this has now dissapeared!

It’s an important part of the user experience so I would really appreciate help to return this button / feature of editing your profile.

A glide expert created my site so I have no idea how to do it. I’d certainly benefit from some step by step support if possible.


Hello David,

If this “edit” button is inside a list of profiles, you can go on the layout of your app.
On the left-side, select the component where your button is located.
Then on the right-side, go on “Actions” and check if the “Edit” button is activated.

If your “edit” button is not in a list, but more isolated, you can try to find your Button directly in your components, on the left-side of the screen.
Then check in “option” if there are Visibility conditions that restrict the view on your button.

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