Hello again, Glide

Hello again, Glide.

In February of last year I started working with Glide. I started a company and carried out a fairly ambitious project that opened many doors for me in the workplace.

After a while, I decided to leave that project since I got something more profitable in the short term.

After leaving Glide for 5 months, a company decided to buy my application and I find that after 5 months, Glide is still weak in some essential features to carry out any digital project:
-The performance.

A few months ago I mentioned several times in this same forum the great shortcomings that Glide has in this regard. Applications, functioning as web pages, require optimization. Optimization that Glide has not provided so far and that make it VERY DIFFICULT to carry out a large and scalable project in applications made in Glide.

The last time I spoke on the subject, I managed to get the attention of several people who work at Glide, including the CEO (David), now I come back 7 months later and see that a problem as BIG as this still exists.

Glide is awesome, but annoying issues like these make large, scalable projects go away.

The bottom line: Does Glide plan to fix this? When?

PS: Iā€™m glad to be back here.

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