When will glide pages comes to a stable state


When will glide pages comes to a stable stage.so that able to create a fixed pages to run a business.

Or it will shut down?

Glide Apps has limitations so the tool was rebuilt, this subsequent version which is still under active development is Glide Pages. It is therefore unlikely that Glide Pages be discontinued anytime soon.

As for stability, Glide Pages is already stable. It is under active development and the community identifies a few bugs here and there, but nothing that would prevent full usage of the tool.


I don’t think so…everyone says it lags way behind apps.

Can you give a timeframe? Waiting for another 2 months is worthable?

I think it depends how you build your screens. Pages and Apps allow us to build progressive web apps, PWAs, which are websites. If you load a screen with too many components on it – many collections including hidden ones, images, etc. – then it might lag. Glide does its best to optimize for performance and it’s also up to us as developers to work within the constraints we are given.

Have you tried developing exactly the same screens on Pages and Apps and comparing performance?

A time frame for what?
Pages are the future of Glide. That is a fact.
Most Certified Glide Experts (the people that actually make a living out of building Glide solutions) are now building almost exclusively with Pages.
Pages is already a spectacularly good product, and it’s going to get way, way better.
If Pages doesn’t suit your needs, then perhaps Glide is the wrong product for you. That’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong with that.