Glide Roadmap

Wouldn’t be better if the Glide team announced their product roadmap for the coming months instead of us all asking for features?

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In years perhaps, but let’s them keep their agility to scale and adjust on the fly the added values of Glide. They do need flexibility and creativity, + freedom to do and adapt their road map.

We had tons of new features in the last months, we will have more in the coming ones. I personally prefer not to have them commit on features to come in 3, 6 or 9 months.

Some of the most important features to have have been discussed. Let’s be confident, the will come.


When you ask for features, you’re not guessing what’s on a secret roadmap—you’re making the roadmap.



Although I 100% agree and respect this statement for the sake of the platform
And your awesome work your all doing it!! It would be FANTASIC to know if in the next release/update you do your end will potentially include something we have suggested or not!! Save us the time wasting continuous research how to achieve ideas that are potentially about to be released:)