What about "Not in Short term Glide roadmap"?

Hi, is the following a shared matter

It happens that we build an app requiring advanced workarounds since not native (ex. Public-Private chat, Multi select of a single choice component list… ), and
the week after we are as much happy than frustrated*: Glide makes it a native component in a clic.
(* time spent + data structure + screen customizing).

There are several apps that I don’t start due to this.
But, if I’d knew that my expected features will Not be delivered in the next 2-3 months, I would probably go for the workaround approach.

→ Glide cannot share its roadmap, but would there have a not too-time consuming approach (for Glide Team) to answer to “Feature X is NOT in next 2 months roadmap” @JackVaughan ?



I’ve made a similar request on a private topic, where I was asking :

Another user has proposed to introduce #tags so that requests can be given a sort of status (f.e : ready, in discussion, shipped, expect soon…) which I think is also a good idea !

Any update on that @JackVaughan

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We will continue to improve how we keep the community up to date with the product. As we’ve said before, we are a small team and don’t have the capacity to do this right now.

You’re always welcome to ask us about the likelihood of a certain feature in the short-term.

Tags – yes, for sure. This is something that I’d love, and we will get round to it. Sorry it’s taken a while.


Thank you @JackVaughan, there are two features that I hesitate to build with a workaround un case Glide deploys it in the month to come
. Group & Private chat
. Multi select.

we are not working on these right now so not releasing in the short term

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And let me ask it in the other way, what are you working on right now ? And what’s your next priority feature and which one is not ?

(If you don’t mind to answer obv :slight_smile: )

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I expect we will be more transparent in the future about our roadmap, but right now we move & pivot quite quickly. We only release what we’re working on to the community when we are pretty certain we are going to ship it. Because we’re experimenting & testing – things sometimes go back to the lab for a bit and sometimes they are put off indefinitely. We never want to disappoint the community or not deliver on our promises.

The best place to know about these things is #insiders and staging.glideapps.com. If it’s there, we want you to know about it.


Hi @JackVaughan I have the requirement to create a many-to-many tagging system built on multi-relations across 6 different tables (complex application of the trebuchet method). It would be much simpler with native ‘Add to & Remove from Array’ functionality. Is this something coming in the next month or so?

@Mark haven’t heard from Jack yet. Would you or the team know whether add to & remove from array is in the short term roadmap (next 2 months) - appreciate any info on this one


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