Glide vs the competition

Hi all,
Now that we’ve all received the Glide survey, old questions rise again. Mainly, how is Glide holding up next to the competition? (Bubble, Appify and others).
While I’m generally very happy (!!) with Glide, I can’t help but feel it’s not growing fast enough. In this cutthroat game, not fast enough is simply not enough to survive on the long-term. My main concern is that we’re all putting in an incredible amount of hours into our apps, but they’ll vanish if (god forbid) something happens to the company. True, this can be said on any platform, but I don’t get this vibe from the other platforms.
Is it just me? Do you feel safe with the time invested?
I assume we all tried the other solutions a while back, and we have all chosen Glide. Has anyone tried the others recently and it made him/her change their mind about choosing Glide, and not any of the others?
I’m not asking to be convinced to stay on Glide. I love it and am still fully invested. I’m asking to be reassured there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Or, even better, that there is no tunnel and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (and unicorns?).

Personally I find that Glide is growing and focusing on their products much more than the competition. I initially got into NoCode app development with AppGyver and found the usability to be completely broken. Similar story with Bubble even though both are theoretically more powerful.

Glide has been open with communication, has demonstrated their commitment to usability, and is releasing new functionality faster than the rest. Would be interested to hear more about why you find that Glide doesn’t seem to be growing fast enough.

I detailed why I like Glide and other tools in my stack recently here:


I think Glide is doing really well and being very healthy. And with a recent investment of 20 million Glide has got a solid backing.

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Nothing competes easily with Glide and this community is one of the best so far which helps empower the products and helps in the development feedback


I hope Glide can be bigger to add row quota or a large database and fast connection so that it can be applied in large companies.

using react js and google firebase as Glide database it’s quite interesting for me to stay on Glide.

I will probably stay on Glide to contribute to making templates by maximizing the features available in Glide.


Without a doubt, this is what initially sold me. Still does :stuck_out_tongue: