If Glide is B2B, what's your go-to nocode B2C tool?

I recently checked out Glide CEO’s interview and got to know that glide is predominantly a B2B software tool and that’s the direction they’re taking.(heck they even deleted an instagram clone tutorial video ig),
So, What is the best no-code B2C tool that you’re aware of? and are you using it right now or using glide for B2C businesses?

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My telemedicine app is b2c - I think the distinction and observations aren’t quite right :slight_smile:

But the question is a good one about other tools :slight_smile:

NO, it’s not my observation or anything. Their CEO quite clearly said it. All the apps look the same for that reason, it’s aimed towards that, they’re the target audience. So, I just wanted to know if you guys got any successful B2C apps up and running with a good sum of users from glide and if not, what other NC tools do you guys use? (would like to know regardless tbh). All I know about other tools is that bubble also is a B2B tool, Adalo, not sure and re others I got no clue

What you will find if you get into Glide is that there are lots of things that supposedly it cannot do, but it can with a minimum amount of creativity (and use of this community). Then you can do more things if you have some knowledge of other nocode tools like Zapier and Integromat, tying into other apps. And then you can do even more if you have someone to work with to do script work, to have even more not-possible features come to life.


Have you tried Adalo? Or (more complex I think:) Bubble

I agree, I wouldn’t try to make the new Instagram or Facebook with Glide, but it can do everything you want for smaller audience B2C apps than the masses. @Sharath_S


I looked at Bubble but the learning curve was more steep. I had a brief look at Adalo, but I was already quite invested in Glide (about 1 month of playing around) and I did not see the value of going into another tool, given that Glide could do what I wanted it to do.

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Yeah I totally agree about Bubble, it’s not for me for that reason. But they say they have 1 million users (whatever the definition is :wink: ) , so there are enough people giving it a try.

Briefly looked at Adalo, slightly more complicated to get started like Airtable etc compared to glide, but I did not go to Bubble but gave Appgyver a try, kinda similar i think .Say if your business picks up massively and it has about 50k plus users and projection is nearing half a million, what’s your move then? Probably outsourcing for a regular coded app, no other go, that’s my doubt, so instead, why not start right away with a B2C app!?

I think it depends on the size of your target audience. A shop with a thousand recurring customers can be succesful enough as a B2C company. If you think your target audience is a million people, then why not start with a dedicated app that has not the limitations every platform has?


hypothetically* :sweat_smile:

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Just my 2 cents worth on the topic, every “developer” has a high opinion or estimation in terms of users for their App idea. What I have learnt over time is that the market does not necessarily hold the same opinion sometimes such that it can be a humbling experience.
What I like with glide is the “speed to market” that it affords you and if things don’t work out, it’s easy to get up and try another project without having done too much damage to your pocket.

Recently there was an App that assisted in India during the COVID-19 third wave and the App was made with Gilde and it managed to host 350k users without failing although I suspect it was the main reason glide had an outage (which was a once in a lifetime occurrence). Not an official word from glide but they did say that it was caused by an App that became popular over night and it blew through their data limit from Google cloud platform.

My point is that, if you are unsure about whether glide won’t fail you if your App becomes popular then I would suggest that you first get there and only worry or cross that bridge when you get there…
By the time you get there, glide might have evolved into another beast as they are growing rapidly sometimes it’s hard to keep up…


I put a bunch of time into Bubble last year. The learning curve is steep, but once you get your mind wrapped around how to construct the formulas it becomes decent to work with. However, the UI is so terrible, the apps are slow, and it does take a lot of time to build anything - so I moved on.


Here are my thoughts about it

Yeah, they followed Appsheet in that sense. Appsheet has a big advantage though since it has been acquired by Google: the other day, while in Google Sheets - I got a notification from Google that I could easily turn the spreadsheet into an app with Appsheet. Strong direct marketing.


Very well put! Agreed! you can get started easily in glide, 350k does sound positive and that too from India, very good to know but would like to know the name of the app too , to check it out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hope this link will help…
You can also follow or watch the video of the founders/creators of the App explaining what it was like…


We’ve built tons (and I mean dozens) of b2c apps in Glide.
Some recent examples…


Here is another example of the robustness of glide platform for reference to your questions…