Are we all going to compete with Glide?

The title is a bit provocative. Don’t get me wrong.

I’m a Glide enthusiast and, like some of us, I’m changing my entire business based on it. I have stopped developing web apps from scratch and started fully relying on Glide.

I feel like a partner: you provide me with the tech, I find use cases, tweak things around, and provide solutions to my clients.

But I have a little fear. The fear that Glide will switch in the future from being a tool that is used by “Geeks” to create solutions to end-users, to a tool that instead targets end-users directly.

Is the plan to become an idiot-proof, UI-rich, end-user focused tool like Wix, or a “semi-developer” tool with a great ecosystem like Wordpress?

After all, we all add some markup for our work when we resell Glide Apps to clients. If Glide becomes the next Wix, our role as Gliders might become irrelevant and we might be out of the market soon.

If there is no answer because of confidentiality, I would understand. However, I would love to hear some words of reassurance from the Glide team and learn more about their vision.

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Our goal is to create a billion new software developers by 2030. If your business with Glide depends on people not being able to (or not wanting to) build their own apps, you’ll still have most of the planet to sell to :wink:


Wonderful, thanks David and best of luck to you and to us all (your team) :rocket:

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