Tell Me More about "Glide's mission is to create a billion new software developers by 2030."

Hi, Dear Happy Gliders :slightly_smiling_face: (pleonasm: you’re a Glider, you must be happy)
I’d like to know what Glide’s Mission inspire you.
And especially for @david as well as @JackVaughan (as the Glide’s superstar face all over the virtual place) and of course the Glide Team backstage (name yourself, I’m too new here to be sure):

What does “software developers” means to you? Some learnings from the past who, how, where, when, what & why vs the Vision of the Bigger Future Picture?

As a former application developer for and with the most humanly understandable groupware I knew, I’m aware of how it feels to be an application developer and own the project. I’d love to read your thoughts first.

How do you come up with that target number 1 billion “soft heads”?

Thks everyone :cherry_blossom:
I believe keeping this Mission in mind (even seeing in as subtitle, header, footer in this Community) can serve to focus towards the same Vision. And be better promoters “softskillfully even madskillfully” whenever we relate to all and any of our stakeholders. Or even private circles like relatives & friends.

I’d recommend this interview that David did with @grumo a while back. Apart from being a great conversation, I think it’ll answer some of your questions.


Thks and how about you?
What does this Mission mean to you, Darren?

I think what it means to me is that it gives me some confidence that Glide are in this for the long haul. They care about their users, and they care about their products. ie. they are not just in it to make a quick buck. Will they get 1 billion new developers? No idea. If they get just 10% of that then they will already be incredibly successful.


Thks :slightly_smiling_face:
And how does it make you feel as a dev?
What do you like most that boosts your motivation?

The main thing that keeps me interested is that it’s fun.
oh, and the kick I get in seeing the response when I’m asked to add some new feature, and it’s done and delivered 10 minutes later. That never gets old :wink:


Cool :relaxed: Darren, thks. “Always look at the bright sight of life <whistle, whistle>” (ref Monty Python)
When I started as a dev (it was not at all in my plans, I just happen to be “Engineer without - elite - school and ingenious in my life”), what striked me was that I could craft an application from scratch.
I admire the patience, devotion, creativity of craftsmen.
And for me building an application (or app in our case) is like crafting sth with both hands: I feel I own my creation.
I don’t need to wait until retirement to do sth like this kind of fulfilling job.
I feel whole. Empowered.
Especially when 1 person alone can bring value to many.
And that’s priceless :milky_way::telescope::eight_spoked_asterisk:


Just saw it. Awesome interview, indeed
Deep. Insightful. No b*. To the point.
I knew how to pronounce Siegel (the German sound) :wink:.

And happily surprised by the mindfulness part.

Good point, @grumo (thks for the vid, BTW :ok_hand:) to mention it takes 2 hours to just install and set up a “traditional” app dev environment before even starting. I can add: And provided you know how to install and set up. That used to be a prior skill to master too. I remember and can relate to that.

Relieved also to build my apps that will stay consistent to the Glide positioning: though I love the “dark” wording. Too bad it’s no longer used. Dommage. It implies so much more badass and closer to people’s genuine passion than “conventional” softwares.

As a bonus, I even got precious info for Product Management.

Thks a lot, Darren :cherry_blossom: