Hebrew in login screen turn jibrish

My app’s URL: https://maayan-tzvi.glideapp.io/

Hi @Jason and @Mark

I have a bug in the login screen. When the welcome text is 8n Hebrew it turn to jibrish. It was ok until recently.

This is a pro app and active store of a customer so appreciate the quick support.

Try reloading it because I did and it fixed it, I’ll keep trying to see if the bug appears again.

I just checked again about 10 times using a new browser tab and it worked every time after I reloaded it. I tried it on private mode and it changed to jiberish again but after 1 reload it fixed itself.

You’re right that reload fixes it but 2 things,

  1. You can’t do. Reload when app is installed
  2. Every time you go in the app turn jibrish again and the user should not need to reload, he should see a correct wording any time

You are correct it is a bug. I’ll check on ways that you can fix it

Does the Hebrew characters change anywhere else in your app?

Nom this is the only place I saw this behavior

Does this happen on any browser and device you open the app?

I think it happened once for me but I didn’t report it

Onlu in the login screen

also in chrom on desktop

We’ll look at it, thank you!

How often does this happen?

I saw this in one other app but cancelled the customized Hebrew in the login screen.
It happens in this app every time opening the app and trying to login

Hi @Mark

this is still not fixed.
this is a pro app and the customer is getting really upset.

when will you fix it?


this is still not fixed, the customer is getting really upset. I don’t unserdatnd why no one is reaponding and fixing this.

What amu I suppose to tell the customer that is paying for the app license?

It’s being worked on.

Thank you. Appreciate the answer. Any estimated time for fixing? Something I can tell the customer?

I know this.is going to be weird but it’s caused by a security feature going overboard.

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Ok, so any idea when will be fix?

Guys this is still not fixed and my customer is getting upset with nee over that.
Can I get a clear message on when this will be fixed?

@Mark, @david, @Jason ?
This is crazy that I don’t get an answer here.
Not only my customer app is jibrish but also one of my pro apps.

Pls let me know status of this fix urgently