Strange Symbols on Login Screen

My app’s URL:

Some users report seeing strange symbols on the login screen. See below.

I’m trying to get what type of device they are using and how frequently this is appearing. But thought I’d bring it up sooner than later in case others had experienced the same thing.

I can successfully reproduce.

The very first time, the weird characters show.

After a refresh, the characters go away.

I’m guessing it’s somehow tied to the site caching. If I wipe the cache for this site, it can easily reproduce the same issue over and over.

I am using Chrome on Android.

Here is a potentially related thread.

This has happened to me before too on some of my older apps that I used spaces/emojis in the Sign-In text! I just removed them and used special characters instead and all was well.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager and @MegannLock!

I checked the sign-in text and there was the default description of “Please sign in with your email”, which I’ve removed. The Greeting was empty. No emoji or special characters were used.