Blank screen on load

My app’s URL:

The app loads a blank screen after sign in. Has been working up until today. What could be the issue?

I don’t see a URL:

password: testing123

It loads when it is made public, but not with password

Indeed… Blank screen…

What’s strange is that at first connect attempt, the app loads 4.8Mb of data. Second try 31Mb. Next attempts : no additional data loaded.

If I clear chrome cache, same thing.

Very strange… And if you remove password to make the app public, it loads without any problem?

Are you using html tags in rich text component, such as div?

Because when opening the app in Chrome but with the “computer version” enabled, the whole window is blank ( your app and the Glide CO trainer I clouding logo, qr code and so on). This is not normal…

We have a bug affecting password-protected apps, we’re looking into it now.

It should be fixed now.

Yes it works now. thanks for the fix David!