Heavy formula usage in hidden tabs vs Glide performance

I am using some heavy formula including QUERY, INDIRECT etc. in a spreadsheet, and that tab is hidden in Glide. There is no relation from there to any of the visible pages of Glide either.

I know for a fact that the spreadsheet is slow because of the formula. I would like to know if the Glide app performance is impacted by the heavy formula usage in other hidden tabs.

Can’t give you a solid answer, but if any of your sheets get values from the hidden sheets, then speed will definitely depend on how fast your calculations run and update values in the visible sheets. If you don’t use any values from those hidden sheets, then I’m not sure. I wonder if Google would wait until all of the calculations are completed before sending the updated data to Glide. Vu don’t think it will show down the app, but it may take a bit longer for updated data to makes its way to Glide.