Have you built a business using Glide?

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to reach out to see if there is anyone who’s running a business using Glide that would like to be featured on Read in-depth interviews from no-code founders

If so, please just let me know and we can set up an interview!


I’ve recently switched to Glide from another platform but am using it to run a business. I may be too early in my process to make sense for your feature depending on what you’re looking for but I am using it to build and run my business :slight_smile: Either way, excited to see who you talk to!


@PabloMFalero and I have been building apps with Glide for clients and are working on serving the hispanic community with glide tutorials and some more.

If that’s what you are looking for, we are glad to be interviewed.



Cool! If you have customers/revenue then it could definitely work, but also happy to wait until you’re further along - up to you!

Sounds great! Will DM you :slight_smile: