Glide Apps making money?💸

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for Glide app builders that are making money with their app.
I would love to do an (async) interview and share your story in my newsletter with 2300+ subscribers.

My newsletter is a weekly interview with a maker making money with No-Code (by running a profitable business or getting acquired).

Too much Bubble stories the last weeks so I hope I can find some other makers here to show that there is more then Bubble ;).


Hello, if you want you can count on me, regards
Darío Velasco

I’m available.
Also kudos on this newsletter, such an amazing project! Love the filtering options on the website. Do you happen to know or have a filter for female-founded or minority-owned?

Thank you Dario, can you share your email here or via DM?

That is an amazing idea. I got many filter requests (growth tactic, business model, …) so I will need to figure out how to add it without being too overwhelming.

Can you share your email here or via DM?

Sure thing!