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Does Glide offer any sort of live Q&A events for users? I’m familiar with the Wine & Glide events, but understand that they are invitation only. I have also viewed some interviews with @david and found them very interesting. However, I am receiving more calls from my specific business niche asking about this new “app business” they are hearing about from my clients and want to discuss projects for their organizations.

This has caused me to have more questions about Glide’s future plans regarding platform expansion and pricing structure and if there is a place for my clients in Glide’s plans. I don’t know if this type of discussion is appropriate for this community platform.


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Currently, Glide has a wealth of info in their Documentation, and on their YouTube channel! Are you receiving requests from your clients to build custom apps? If so, you should definitely check out the Template store. Lots of pre-made, specific app templates that you can purchase and/or copy and modify to suit your needs. For more customized apps that require some expertise, you should look into hiring a Glide Expert or Agency. Hope that helps!

Hi Mona,
I’d be happy to have a meeting with you to discuss our roadmap and potential changes to our pricing. Feel free to PM me and we can set up a time later this week or early next week.