Hard reset of user profile possible?

Hello all,

since the last update there seems to be a problem with accessing the user profile in my app.
There will be shown only 3 of the possible 15 columns to be seen. Also in the viewing as section there is a link included although it is not in the users table.
Can i do hard reset in the user table or can i delete it somehow?

Thanks, Sabine

You are trying to configure the users profile configuration. That is not the configuration for the screen. Try editing the the components in the lower left panel. Add additional components to display additional info or to change how the title component looks.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager ,
i can’t find this component for editable user profile anymore which i already had.
I had a standard user profile with the “edit” button and submit function in case of changes. But this crashed somehow 2 days ago and i have to re-build it. I didn’t have to add an extra action to that. It worked out of the box.

  1. I still don’t understand why the user profile doesn’t recognize the email in the glide table. It’s there but it doesn’t show the column as a possible choice, also the “viewing as” doesn’t show the email anymore but the role. If i set up a new project everything works well but my app seems to got hit. Also adding form elements is not possible, they won’t be shown.

Can you help on that?
Thanks, Sabine

Can you show a screen shot of your Users table?


Most of your columns there are User Specific. They should not be. This is why you cannot select the email column when configuring User Profiles. You will need to delete those columns and add them again, and make sure you do not tick the “make user specific” checkbox.

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But it all worked 2 days ago.

You cannot use User Specific columns in your User Profiles configuration.

Hmm, ok, i changed it to now to non-user specific but no data will be shown, see here:

I chose 2 diff components to see if there is a difference. Data are not coming through (viewing as test/admin makes no difference).
If i’m setting up a new glide app it all works like intended.

@Darren_Murphy: setting email to row owner made the difference. now data are visible.

Yes, when the email column is set as the row owner, you will only see data for the row that corresponds to the user you are viewing as.

Only use user specific columns if you expect multiple users to update a value in the same column in the same row. If each user has their own row, then you should not need to use user specific columns.


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