I can't see User Profile option

I’m building an app using the same data from a Glide Page. I shared all data from Page and sync properly, even Users data. But when I try to get data from User Profile this option is not available.

Have you configured your User Profiles correctly?

If you believe that you have, can you please share a screen shot of your User Profiles table that clearly shows the column headings.

I think so

This Users table has been shared from another Glide Page, like all tables in the new app. I deleted the original Users table that was provided automatically when I started building the app (that table had an icon with a blue sub-icon, as opposed to this one which has a black sub-icon)

Have you changed your project to link that new user table to user profiles? It’s explained in the link that @Darren_Murphy provided. Can you show a screenshot of your user profile configuration?

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Thank you. That works. I didn’t know how to configure the users.

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