"Guys Weekend" app to organize food, etc. for a group event

Here’s a quick “Guys Weekend” app I made for an upcoming weekend getaway that needed to be organized. Users can sign up with their email and then can say what food and drinks they’re bringing for the event. When a meal is spoken for (i.e. Dinner on Friday), that event is removed from the “Needs” tab and added to the “Meals” tab.

The app lets users edit their own user profile (not others’) and allows users to edit/delete only the items they’ve added (not others’). The app uses copies of sheets to accomplish this and relations that are linked to the user profiles. The sheets called “Copy of…” are the ones that users can edit based on their email address, whereas the sheets not named “Copy of…” are not editable and not restricted per user (basically all users can view only). Hopefully this can help others looking to accomplish a similar goal.

App link: https://p8bin.glideapp.io


Thanks you have been busy


I’ve got a use case to build a profile system, will reference this great example alongside the Instagram video done by Jack. :+1:

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It’s super easy once you get the concept. Just use an arrayformula to make a duplicate sheet. One sheet gets referenced without a per user filter, the other use the filter by email. Allow editing on the filtered sheet and you’re done!