A Diary app with Calendar, Reminders and Notes for the Glide community

I’ve whipped up this demo Diary app for anyone to copy and adapt however they want. It’s a cut down version of my own bullet journal app.


The point of it - besides being useful - is to demonstrate a few tricks and techniques, including:

  • ArrayFormula() (See Show on Today in the Calendar sheet)
  • A Settings page
  • Dynamic Categories (optionally create when adding new Calendar entry, Reminder or Note)
  • Using Sheets’ sort() function (see Categories and Sorted Settings)
  • Using Sheets’ unique() function (Categories)
  • Relation columns
  • If - then - else columns
  • Template columns
  • Using a Choices sheet for multiple choice types. (When choices may be added to - like Categories - use a separate sheet)
  • Using HTML
  • Using sheet formulas
  • Use of Glide filters and sorting

Hope you find it useful


Nice work! That could be useful for me.

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  • Have used the new inline style of the Choices component on the Type and Priority fields.
  • Have also used it on the About page to have tabs for About and Change log

CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 15.49.06
CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 15.58.24

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@chrishoward that’s amazing!

Now I got it how you did it without the “-“ on the left lol

Just selecting “Required”. Simple and fantastic :ok_hand:t3:

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@Lucas_Pires: Firstly, currently, that only works when you use this style Choices component on a static page (i.e. it doesn’t work on the Add or Edit pages). Though they are going to fix that.

Secondly, you have to set the component to “Required”

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To fix, or not to fix, that is the question… In some case, the dash could be useful. For example, the choice component is used to filter an inline list. The dash, by default, could be used to display the whole list without any filter, and the other entries to filter based on a condition or category.

But then you would have an option on the component that says, include “all”. It’s much better than using a dash.

Much better, not sure. You will have to add calculation within your sheet or the data editor to create this “all” condition or filter. So additional cpu…

Moreover, it would be “all” in some cases, “nothing” in other cases.

Yeah, I don’t like that the only way to remove it is by using “required”. I’d like to be able to use the Inline Choices sometimes without making the field required.

That’s the whole point of required though. If required is checked, then there shouldn’t be a blank (dash) option because you are required to pick one of the choices. If a choice is not required, then you should have the option to unselect your choice.

Nice work @chrishoward!

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Ah, indeed, @Jeff_Hager very true.

However, a much tidier UI when the choices component is set “not required” than dash option, is the ability to deselect all “buttons”. Click-on click-off.

This type of UI is how multi-check checkboxes work when they’re “not required”.

So, rather than a visually untidy dash for no selection, I request the Glide devs just allow deselecting to nothing selected. @david


Great work! Will learn from this.

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This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for building this out!

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Thanks for sharing!
Looks smooth and easy to use. I might add some of this to a conference app in the future.

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