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Hi all, hoping someone can help me with this. I have an app that allows me to create a new team or join an existing team (like an employee directory I guess). It would be great if I could send out a link that allowed a user to automatically join a certain team when it was clicked. Is that something thats possible? I’ve seen it with similar apps but I’m just not sure how to do it. Thanks in advance (hopefully the request makes sense).

Is your app Public or Private, and does it require sign in?

If it’s a public app without sign in, you might be able to do something with deep links. Otherwise I suspect you’ll be out of luck.

Thanks Darren. Its public with sign in. I suspect you are correct and its not possible. But I thought I’d throw it out there. Many thanks for your response. Very much appreciated.

Are there any ways we can click a button in an email that triggers a webhook to do something else?

I think most buttons I see in emails lead to somewhere else, let’s say an “Unsubscribe to this newsletter” button takes me to another website, then I have to click on something else in that website to be able to unsubscribe.

Good question. I wonder if we could create a button with action > “show new screen” from a detail screen temporarily just to grab the deep link of that new screen. On that new screen, we have a one button push to join a group and then go back action to which should result in navigating back to the details screen. After creating this functionality, hide the button on the details screen so that way the new screen can only be accessible via the deeplink.

Just a theory.


Yeah, I had something like that in mind when I suggested that he might be able to do something with deep links. I haven’t done much with deep links, but from the reading I’ve done I get the understanding that they’re only really useful with public (without sign in) apps.


Proof of concept…


Quick question for you @Darren_Murphy about the method you so graciously taught me to create my study groups based on a groups sheet. So the filtering you had me do, where the signed in user only sees their fellow group mates or teammates on that screen…I want to add a button at the bottom of the inline list of users, and instead of it inviting people like Bob’s video example, it would just allow the user to click and directly enter the chat discussion for their group. This is my final step in the Zoom meeting breakout room emulation and I’ve bought many templates to learn but cant seem to figure out the actions yet. I assume since the screen is already filtered to signedin user, that I need a few more steps to have a button that goes to a chat screen for only those same “Group #xyz” signed in users. Any tips?

You would just need an action that adds the user to the group. So it depends how you are assigning users to groups. Probably the most common method is to use a single column with a joined list of UserID’s. Is that how you are doing it, or are you using some other method?

Oh im not sure! i just followed exactly what you outlined to me. Let me find it and copy paste…one sec

This is how I assigned the users, exactly what you outlined just replacing ABC with actual group names:

Continuing the discussion from Group teams together:

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ah, I see.

Okay, so in that case all you need is an action that does a Set Column Values in the User Profile row, setting the group name to the one that they are joining.

Oh ok sorry im looking but not sure I follow. So here is the screen where the group is shown with the list of users already filtered. On the sheet they already have a column that has a value with which group theyre in. So now I’m trying to add an action to this button. So that whoever clicks it, will enter a new chat with only their fellow group users. Are you saying the button needs to add a new Set Values action in order to create a new chat? :slight_smile:

oh, right.

So does the chat already exist, or does it need to be created?
I’d need to understand how you have implemented the chat.

(sorry, I haven’t really been following the thread that closely)

No worries!
I have some test chats started just to learn how to create chats. Ideally i want the button to create a brand new chat so no one else sees chat history. But if you recommend I create like a hidden chat first and link it somehow that is fine too. Whatever is easiest! My only goal is that it = a chat with the members of the group only and no one else.

Okay, but you haven’t actually told me how your chat works. I assume you’re not using the native chat tab, as that wouldn’t give you the functionality that you need. So you must have something home grown. Can you describe how that works? (with a couple of screen shots would be good)

Oh! I see what you mean. Yeah i am following some of the templates from the template store.

Okay, it looks like the membership of each chat group is managed via a joined list of email addresses. So at the most basic level, when a user joins the chat you most likely need two steps:

  • add their email address to the list for that chat group
  • send them to the chat details screen

For the first, just looking at the columns in that table I’m guessing there is some variation of trebuchet involved. So reviewing Bob’s video on that will probably help.
For the second, it depends where the starting point is. But what you should be able to do is build a single relation to the chat row, and then do a Show Detail Screen via that relation.

Not sure what trebuchet is but I will look it up. I watched Bob’s vid in order to build this part so far…so its as far as its taken my understanding. Do you know of any video that specifically shows how to create a chat? Im super visual learner, and as much as I wish I understood what you wrote here…I have no idea what it means :confused:
I comprehend that I need something that relates the group email addresses “only” but not sure what to add as columns. In my mind I assume the starting point is the button, but thats my newbie brain. So not sure what you meant there

Tagging @Robert_Petitto @Lucas_Pires @eltintero or anyone else that might no a newbie-friendly visual guide for creating new chat rooms. Might help others too to have a reference point! :slight_smile:

ps- this was my other thread about group discussions @ThinhDinh

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