Group Invitations

Hi all, hoping someone can help me with this. I have an app that allows me to create a new team or join an existing team (like an employee directory I guess). It would be great if I could send out a link that allowed a user to automatically join a certain team when it was clicked. Is that something thats possible? I’ve seen it with similar apps but I’m just not sure how to do it. Thanks in advance (hopefully the request makes sense).

Is your app Public or Private, and does it require sign in?

If it’s a public app without sign in, you might be able to do something with deep links. Otherwise I suspect you’ll be out of luck.

Thanks Darren. Its public with sign in. I suspect you are correct and its not possible. But I thought I’d throw it out there. Many thanks for your response. Very much appreciated.

Are there any ways we can click a button in an email that triggers a webhook to do something else?

I think most buttons I see in emails lead to somewhere else, let’s say an “Unsubscribe to this newsletter” button takes me to another website, then I have to click on something else in that website to be able to unsubscribe.

Good question. I wonder if we could create a button with action > “show new screen” from a detail screen temporarily just to grab the deep link of that new screen. On that new screen, we have a one button push to join a group and then go back action to which should result in navigating back to the details screen. After creating this functionality, hide the button on the details screen so that way the new screen can only be accessible via the deeplink.

Just a theory.


Yeah, I had something like that in mind when I suggested that he might be able to do something with deep links. I haven’t done much with deep links, but from the reading I’ve done I get the understanding that they’re only really useful with public (without sign in) apps.


Proof of concept…