Granting Access

Iv setup to grant access/Deny to my app and when iv when click on approve its not working ?.

Would you mind adding some screen shots or a video that demonstrates the issue?

(Just so that we can be clear that we understand the issue)

video file to big


then when I refresh the page again it disappears from the access requests page.

It looks like your Deliveries table is your Users table, but I don’t see the required columns for Name, Email & Image.

Can you please show screen shots of the following:

  • Your Privacy Settings (Settings → Privacy)
  • Your User Profiles Configuration (Settings → Users & Authentication → Edit User Profiles)

How about the user profile configuration?

Click on the button marked “Edit User Profiles”
Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 10.21.24 AM

Also… how do I take a screenshot in Windows?

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Thanks, I found the problem I had.

How do I grant access remotely as I get an email saying is requesting GRANT PROJECT ACCESS?.
i click on it and nothing happens on my phone.

You can access the builder in a mobile browser with desktop mode enabled. It’s a little tedious and you have to double tap a lot to zoom in and out, but you can still get into the builder to approve a request if you only have a mobile device on you.

Bri Thank You for your help.

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