Access Request is sent to all other Users in User Table

Hi Gliders,

User A requested access to my App, and I granted them access. Now, another user B came and user B also requested access and now the user B access is request is sent to user A and me. why request of B is sent to A? The request should only come to me.

Can you reproduce that?

Reproduce what?

Reproduce the error that you mentioned in the post.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot because it happened during the test. I will explain it once again: when we published the app, user A granted access to user B. Then, user C came into the picture and requested access to the app. At this time, both user A and user B received an email to grant access to user C

I understand the problem, I mean if you deliberately try to reproduce that with other emails you control now, does it happen again.

Before reproducing the error, I would like to inform you that no roles are assigned to any user. This might be causing the problem.

Are both users members of your glide team, or just user A?

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Only user A and B are member of glide team

Given that, I believe the behaviour you see is correct.
Access requests are not sent to all Users in your Users table, but they are sent to all members of your Glide Team.