Google Sign In Glide - This Account Does Not Exist

Glide seems to have a problem with Google Sign In. I have assigned a 2nd email to my Google Account because my initial email will soon be deactivated by my previous job.

Glide doesn’t seem to recognize the Google Account anymore and even when I sign into google using the old email still Glide isn’t allowing me to Log In.

This has happened in the past and I’m not sure exactly how i Signed in again. I’m still signed into Glide Community. I rarely sign out of Glide Apps its usually signed in 24/7

just for a note, I managed to sign in by email. a link sent to my email and then used that to sign in.

but why did that happen, i will soon lose this email why doesn’t Glide recognize my Google Account?

This might be an obvious question, but have you checked that Google Sign-in is still enabled in your Privacy settings?

Yes definitely. I just rechecked in my Google Account.
It seems to be a case where Glide is confusing since the primary email of my Google Account has changed (2 months ago).

This might be a situation where clearing all your cookies might help.

This problem remains… any idea what can be done!

Glide Community Signs in normally, but Glideapps does not recognize a google account when the primary email is updated !! this is huge issue i can lose the old email anytime & that means i will lose access to my glide apps!

Have you raised a support request?

With these sorts of issues we (the community) can offer suggestions, but sometimes it requires intervention from Glide support.

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Raising a support ticket requires a support link URL and screen recording URL … I currently cannot record my screen due to some issues with my poor laptop. But it should be an easy test for Glide Support to recognize that this is happening. Hope they pass by this post.

@SantiagoPerez :arrow_up:

I’ll have a look at it.


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