Google Sign In Glide - This Account Does Not Exist

Glide seems to have a problem with Google Sign In. I have assigned a 2nd email to my Google Account because my initial email will soon be deactivated by my previous job.

Glide doesn’t seem to recognize the Google Account anymore and even when I sign into google using the old email still Glide isn’t allowing me to Log In.

This has happened in the past and I’m not sure exactly how i Signed in again. I’m still signed into Glide Community. I rarely sign out of Glide Apps its usually signed in 24/7

just for a note, I managed to sign in by email. a link sent to my email and then used that to sign in.

but why did that happen, i will soon lose this email why doesn’t Glide recognize my Google Account?

This might be an obvious question, but have you checked that Google Sign-in is still enabled in your Privacy settings?

Yes definitely. I just rechecked in my Google Account.
It seems to be a case where Glide is confusing since the primary email of my Google Account has changed (2 months ago).

This might be a situation where clearing all your cookies might help.