Glide Account - This account does not exist

I try to log in to Glide with my Google Account and i receive a message “This account does not exist”.

I usually log in to Glide daily for hours, last time i was working on it was 6 hours ago…

any suggestions what might have happened?

I signed in using email and it worked. But Google Sign In which is way more convenient didn’t

I had something similar happen.

  1. I moved an app to a Team folder
  2. Then users received a message ‘This account does not exist’
  3. Apparently, when the app was moved to the Team folder, in Settings/Privacy the Sign-In method was adjusted, it went from ‘Public with email’ to Private Sign-In, 'folder name team members only ’
  4. Once I changed this back to ‘Public with email’ then all users had access again.


So check and see if your Privacy settings have changed and are what you would like them to be,

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