I cannot sign into glide! problem with google sign in

I was afraid this would happen for a long time and actually reported this bug several times in this community.
I use Glide daily (for hours) usually i sign in and it automatically signs in.

for some reason today it requires my sign in info.

I signed up to Glide using my Google Account which at the time had (x) primary email. Since then I quit my work with (x) and updated my Google Account primary email to a new email.

Now when I want to sign into Glide it requires the old primary email which has gone out of service? and Glide doesn’t recognize the same Google Account with the new email.

What can I do?

i’m still logged in to the community … any way i can link to my Glide account from here?

If you no longer work for (x), why would you need to sign into Glide using a Google Account that belonged to (x)?

Unless you have personal projects that were created/stored under a work account?

Is there an (x) Glide Team, that other employees of (x) have access to?
If so, perhaps you can ask them to invite you as a member of the team (with your new Google account), so that you can make copies of any personal projects?

Hi Darren
X is a startup we founded and didn’t go as planned and we had to put an end to it.
No one used Glide from the X team except me I was trying to build the MVP with Glide.

Google Account although created using X email but doesn’t belong to X because i changed the primary email of the account to my private email to avoid the loss of any data i had there. So I still have access to that Google Account, but Glide doesn’t recognize it anymore after the change in email…

I had soo much private work and hours spent on that Glide account… is there anyway I can recover it?

ah, I see.

I would imagine that this is something that Glide Support should be able to sort out for you. I’d suggest raising a ticket and give them full details.


Thank you for the advice. I created a ticket. hope it finds someone in time.
My account will probably sit there for a while with no one able to access it.
Hope the support team can either reconnect it to my Google Account or allow me to change my access information.
i work full time on Glide… soo many hours on that account… :face_with_thermometer:
I was even using it most of last night, just don’t know how it signed out. I’m still signed into the community :slight_smile:

just a quick question… my ticket was submitted but i didn’t receive an email confirmation of the ticket, could anything have gone wrong?

I think you only get an email confirmation once somebody picks up the ticket and starts working on it.
I’m not sure if the support team has 24/7 coverage. I don’t think so, and it is the weekend, so I think you just need to be patient. I wouldn’t panic, I’d have to think this should be a pretty easy problem to solve - you might just have to prove that you do have a legitimate claim to that account.

But I’m just speculating. I don’t work for Glide, so don’t take my word for it.


got my confirmation email. thanks Darren, hope it works out. luckily I’m working on my latest app with a team, so have managed to access that app from a new Glide account. Hope to be able to recover the others soon.