Google Sheets PivotTable data disappearing?

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Describe the bug:
Data in a Google Sheet PivvotTable that will appear in Glide suddenly disappears. The table shown in Glide just has “Rows” and “Values”, like an empty pivot table.

The odd thing is, the data table will appear normally, then when I reorder or relabel the Pivot Table data, it disappears in Glide.

It can see the table because it identifies the correct number of columns. And if I add text to additional columns, those headings appear along with non-formula, non-pivot-table data within the column.


Data view

Glide view

With dynamic tables like this in the google sheet, sometimes Glide will sync as the table is reloading, so it catches it when the table is empty. Also, seeing that the column heading don’t match, it appears that hhe headings in your pivot table are also built from a formula. Can you make the the headings static in row 1 of that table and then let rows 2+ build dynamically?

Thanks Jeff.

On the 3rd try, I think I’ve got it reliable. It may have had to do with Google permissions on the source data which is accessed via an IMPORTRANGE() formula. A pivot table is then generated from that imported data (I do this because a 3rd-party updates the source data, and I don’t want to give them access to my primary Google Sheet data file with other PPI and FI). Or it may have had to do with having a dummy text column in the first column. But it’s working!

As to making the headers static, possibly I could, but of course the pivot table icludes its headers. You can rename them, but they’re still part of the pivot table, they aren’t plan text cells.

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Yeah I wasn’t sure if you had much control over the headers since it’s a pivot table.

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