Google Sheets Down !?!?!?!?!?!

Anybody else seeing this?

I am … hope it’s back up soon

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Interestingly (or perhaps worryingly) my apps accept a form submission and this shows in the app BUT when the app is restarted the submission is no longer there. I would have preferred an error message TBH so at least my users know that their data has not been saved. @Mark what is the expected behaviour in this scenario?

yeah, me too :scream:

But their dashboard says it isn’t…

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@Darren_Murphy you are the Google Sheet Guru. I’ve never seen this before. Have you?

It’s very very rare… I’ve been using GSuite since about 2008, and I can’t recall any significant outage.

Well I guess that’s either very GOOD news or very BAD … :-/

It seems that Google in general is Down. I’m at work and haven’t been able to access my GDrive nor my Google classroom let alone YouTube or anything of Google Services.

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Same here… not even able to check my mails.

oh wow…

All red now…

Right, Google and its services have problems today.

Try to log-in in Gmail is impossible so far.

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try now, I was able to load sheets

Still nothing.


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It seems that is slowly coming back. GDrive is working for me now.

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Yup. Seeing to too. Guess that was quite a rare event. Hopefully won’t see it again!

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Seeing here in uk

Guess it’s an issue

More reason to use glide tables


We’re up now. All good it seems. Phew … onward fellow Gliders!


And interestingly the data submitted during the outage has now turned up! Yay!


Fun times. I heard about it on NPR news before my “pager” so that’s probably an issue LOL.

There were 5 different alarms in my slack channel. Some interesting things happened on the failure.

The outage automatically turned off several of my integromat scenarios due to repeated errors. (I did not have an error handler for the first step that integrates with google.)

I have another script to report when my app is down (from a https ping service) but that relies on gmail! So… The script that was supposed to page me that my app wasn’t working was blocked by the reason why my app wasn’t working. :joy:

Even though this is a super rare outage, I will probably address the integromat error recovery since a brief service outage would trip a lot of my scripts to shut off.