Global educators need your help with COVID response

Glide Gurus:

I’m an educator in Nebraska who is part of a week-old Facebook group (Global Educator Collective | Facebook) that is growing by nearly 1000 educators per day as schools around the world close suddenly and unexpectedly for extended periods of time due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Educators are sharing wonderful “emergency education” resources and strategies with each other within the Facebook group, but the group is growing so quickly and so many resources are shared, we need an efficient, logical way to organize and use them. I have begun building a spreadsheet to organize and possibly collect the resources, but I need a bit (or a lot) of help from someone at Glide on how to create the best resource for the group.

We are all teachers who are volunteers in this effort and trying to make the best of a very difficult situation for educators and students around the world. So we’ll be limited to the features of the free version of Glide.

Here is a link to the first version of my sheet: Online ed resources

A few needs/questions:

  1. Ideally, resources could be submitted via a form, but we want to avoid multiple submissions of the same resource. Is that possible?
  2. We want any educator who opens the app to be able to filter down to a collection of resources based on what they teach: Elementary, music, ready lessons, for example. I don’t understand how the filter and sort work in Glide.
  3. This is simple in terms of the advanced features many of you build into your Glide app. I just need a sortable, searchable collection of educational resources that is easy for volunteers from all over the world to contribute to and manage. I’ve browsed templates, but haven’t found one that seems to be a good fit.

On behalf of educators and students worldwide, thank you for your help,

Dr. Lynne Herr
Lincoln, NE, USA.

What I recommend: create a sheet that has all the categories listed. Use this as the basis for a choice component on the Add screen. Do the same with all the other columns that have set values from a pre-defined list. This will then allow you to very easily add relations from resources to categories, etc.

I’d be happy to look at this further, but not until tomorrow.

Thank you! Your plan sounds great. I will make time tomorrow to connect whenever it works best for you.

I’m an Instructional Technology Specialist in Atlanta. Tomorrow is a hectic day for me (teacher workday) but I’m free Tuesday if you want to connect. Tomorrow we’re actually discussing remote learning. Hit me up on hangouts…

Thank you.

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Here’s an updated version that shows you all about how to relate everything together. This should be fully functional, except it’s only using the choices that already exist in the resources that have been entered (not the whole data validation lists). This can be easily changed in each sheet though.

App is available to be copied as well.

Wonderful! Are you available for a quick chat tomorrow to run through how you set this up? I so appreciate your help!

No problem. Just sent you a message.

…it´s not in the repository any more? :weary::grinning:could I have a copy, too… please? :wave:Thank You

The app is that no longer available to be copied, but can be accessed here: