Glides Pages as Primary Website?

Does anyone use Glide pages as their primary website for their business or organization? I work for a regional non-profit, and I was wondering if Glide would be appropriate for that kind of thing? Or if that’s not really what it’s intended to do? Thanks!

It most certainly can be! Here’s one I built for a client of mine:

I’m attempting one at well:

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Here are two:

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Great! These all look really nice! Thank you for sending along the examples!

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Hey Robert, How’d you get your Logo in the Header on your Clients Request Page?

I only get the App name

In settings, upload a logo :grin:

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I did, but it still only pulls my name.

Oh wait, I just noticed there is upload Logo and upload Icon… :rofl:

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Here’s an example from our agency.

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This is super helpful information, thank you to all for sharing (yes I realize it is a couple of years later :crazy_face:).

I’m leaving my current company and working to start a Virtual Consulting company starting with Glide consulting / building and Asana consulting, onboarding and workflow management. I’m looking to build a simple site and get on the Glide Agency plan (business).
Since that already has a cost associated with it I’m really considering using Glide as my primary website.
How has this been for you or your clients who you’ve built primary websites for via Glide?
From a cost comparison to wordpress and hosting elsewhere, whats’ your take on the savings if you’re already paying for a Glide tier to have a custom domain?

Thanks for any insights!

One thing to consider is that Glide Pages arent SEO friendly, so if you’re hoping for traffic through Google, you wont get it.


yes @Joe_Gabriele , very important to mention this early on.

Oh, interesting. Thanks for that information. I’ll definitely need to do some more research and see how Adwords or other settings might help resolve that… this is all quite new to me but I do enjoy learning and finding creative solutions (some reasons I enjoy Glide so much :innocent:).

Thanks for taking the time to share, Joe!

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