Glide app as public website

Has anyone use Glide for a public website (web app but you get what I mean)?

As we know a website and an app are potentially the same thing (text, images, video, sound that you can click or tap or type). I saw that Glide University is built using Glide. Of course, this is a specific type of website: an LMS but still you could recreate most/all common website features using Glide, and then have the “members only” content that requires a sign-in.

I’m not so much asking if Glide can be used to build a public website, more asking if anyone has done this other than the Glide U example, and if so were there any drawbacks?

One I thought of was SEO and I doubt Glide would add SEO features because it’s focus is on internal business apps. Any other drawbacks?

SEO and minimal design choices, including font styles are the biggest drawbacks I can see.

I currently use dorik for my landing page, which is a no code builder that has blog and member only features (i dont personally use that though), along with excellent design and SEO features. Its pretty cheap too

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I found the lack of a Footer component annoying. I ended up using a 4 column container which I copy/pasted to every page. It works, but it looks really amateurish. And of course on mobile it’s a disaster :man_facepalming:

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