Glide Pages question

Hello experts,

I am not clear about the role glide pages can play for my project. I am designing app that I like to link to website for blogging and community interaction. Is Glidepage the website ? Can it replace my website?


That’s not the focus of Glide Pages, but for sure you can use it as a “simple webpage” and link/post your topics for a blog.

Take a look in @Darren_Alderman template for a landing page :point_down:t3:

You can easily add a Blog tab, show the list as collections and give the same experience for your readers, and manage the topics outsite of it, or even on it, once is also “an app”.

Another tip you can do if you don’t wanna replace fully your website is replace only a part of it: the Blog. Where you add the Page link to redirect to your Blog Page.