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Hi there Glide community!
Nice to meet you all, I’m Maya.
Only heard about Glide Pages a few days ago and can’t believe this but I’ve made this website in 24hrs and I don’t even know how to code!

This task took an outsourced WP dev team 3 months to do and my Glide design honestly looks way better!

Now I only need to convince my CEO to purchase the business account, so I’d love to ask you guys a few questions:

  1. Can I remove the Glide branding with the enterprise package?
  2. Can I implement Google Analytics on my Glide websites?
  3. What is the max amount of data Glide supports in the enterprise package? (say I had data about millions of businesses, could I still use Glide?
  4. Can a Glide website open an iframe?
  5. SEO - am I covered with Glide or should I make an extra effort on it?
  6. Can I play more with the design somehow?

Talking with Glide support team as well but since I’m short on times - would really appreciate any input you might have!

Thank you so much in advanced!


If you want to go enterprise I believe @Ian is the one you want to talk to.

For Glide branding, I believe it will be visible even on paid plans with Glide Pages but they are working on an option to remove that.

Yes, I believe.

I’m not sure if the 25000 rows bottleneck is still the same for Glide Pages (like Glide Apps) but since I heard nothing about more data being supported for Glide Pages I assume it’s the same. If you apply row owners it will be better but millions of businesses might be too much for now.

I’m not sure about opening but I have seen people embedding certain iframes in a webview component. However I think that component is only available in Glide Apps, for now.

If I recall right from reading posts in the forum then you should make an extra effort.

I think with Pages you can’t insert custom CSS, so you gotta stick to it.


@Sean_Martin is the guy for this one!


Thank you so so much for the detailed response!!
Appreciate it :blush:

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Thanks! I did talk with him and he was super helpful.
Glide team is the best :slight_smile:

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