Glideapp not fetching Paypal webview

I have a URL for PayPal payment execution, this link works fine outside any browser but when I embed this inside the glide app using web view it gives me an error, I have attached both screen shorts. Does anybody face a similar issue before or has any suggestions? Thanks in advance. @Darren_Murphy
[Log in to your PayPal account]

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What does that error message translate to in English?

My guess is that it’s not allowing itself to be embedded.

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it says [Unfortunately, a problem has occurred. Try it again.] :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, I just tested your link in a Webview component and it seems to work fine…

So I’m not sure what the problem might be, possibly a regional issue?

Yes. it actually creates an issue when you put credentials in and try to make a payment attempt. unluckily

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I have created a video in the above link, that is how I am getting errors.

Okay. I don’t think I can offer any advice here, as I’ve not done Paypal integration before.
I’m aware that @Wiz.Wazeer has, so maybe he might have some ideas.


I can integrate you with Stripe… I have a working script and webhook… Probably in the near future, I will do Paypal too.

hey, @Uzo does strip also support bank transfer I mean through IBAN?

I think so… let me check

only in Stripe Connect… you would have to connect customer stripe account to yours… and is a headache to refund it… why are you looking for this option?

At the moment we are looking for Paypal which is half done just stuck into embedding error.

Give a button to open link in browser! Paypal checkout pages are not embeddable!


yes, Stripe too is not embeddable, only the native stripe buy button is… you gonna have to put links back to glide after success or fail transaction

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