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a sneak peek of Glide Store app


very very good, just the Bgm sounds like it’s for a thriller movie :sweat_smile:, can you provide the link and price here?

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Its still not in the template store
I have a small issue with stripe to resolve

It will be priced at 49.99 hopefully

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:joy: i didnt know what audio to put. I hope the app doesnt turn out to be a thriller!
It should just be a simple ecommerce store

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It’s not thriller lol I’m used to listen to a chill playlist with songs similar to that lol

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Nice job :clap:t3:

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Thank u. Hope i manage to get it into the store. Are u aware if Glide allows any other payment options than stripe for templates?

done, do update the link here once it’s finalized!

so it’s a chiller?

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oh?? no didn’t know that, name a few

I’ll be first to buy your solution! waiting for…

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Template is finally in the store now. Hope its good and serves your needs. Please let me know your feedback so I can improve it in the future.


Great template with tons of awesome features! If you are selling any kind of products, this is your App Template! Very well done rayo!


thank you Nordi, if you require any help setting up your store let me know.

wow amazing
let me ask,for “category” Do you use component choice?

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Thank You
Do you mean the categories shown on the homepage?

or in general?
when assigning a category to a product from inside the products panel (Admin)
I do that using a component choice, yes

shown on the homepage