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shown on the homepage

On the homepage its just a normal Inline List of Categories.
Tiles, Horizontal Orientation, Tile Shape 3:1
No Title, Details = Category Name, Image = Solid Background
Text Style Position = Overlay, Allignment = Middle

let me ask again…
For the items I marked, how do I make the product list follow what we choose.
is there a setting in “action”…?

because when I click, my screen goes to the detail screen

Sorry if I ask a lot of questions, I’m a new user on Glide, I’m still learning a lot :smiley:

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Nope, these are 2 different inline lists.
The 1st one the category list, when you click a category you are creating a filter with category ids.
The 2nd one is the products list, it will show products that appear in that category filter

for the first inline list (Category) you must create a custom action. And the custom action can be
Set Columns to edit the filter column. But you don’t always have to use Show Detail Screen for an Inline List Action. I rarely use Show Detail Screen, most actions are Custom Actions (Create new action)

Thanks for template. It’s amazing and has all the features possible. I can custom almost everything from the app and it’s structured very good in the tables.

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You are welcome! Great to hear you made good use of it!
If you require any assistance please reach out me.