Custom Cart, Guest Checkout, Multiple payment options, simple online store

I would highly appreciate if anyone has the time to go through my app and provide any advice or feedback. Its better not to sign in, this version is focused on a guest checkout experience.

It is still under construction but thought of sharing to know if I am going down the right path. The app doesn’t have any zaps, scripts or css as I was hoping to add it to the template store (if its good enough)

highly appreciate any feedback. Cheers



Nice Job can you share it?
i think you must add Admin panel to see all orders.

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This is so great app! I like the design.

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Nicely done. Congrats

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thank you. Yes I have started working on an admin panel which i didn’t show yet.

Very nicely done. Congrats.

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One of the nicest Glide apps I’ve seen yet! The UI is spot-on! Great job! :+1:t2:

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Excellent app!!! Very beautiful!!

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Thank u!
Honestly speaking id love to thank a few people in this community for making it easier to learn in the process of creating this app and on top of the list would be you Santiago. Im not sure how to tag the others but definitely Roberto and Lisa.
Id love any feedback on the functionality and security if you have the time to test out a couple checkouts.

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Hi @rayo ,

Beautiful app! Great job. Since you mentioned “guest checkout experience”, I thought you might find this article interesting regarding customer journey maps:

I’m going through this process right now with my own app. Not sure of your exact user demographic but unless we fit that demographic, you might want to try and go in a forum where beauty soap connoisseurs/beauty product fans/etc go? For example, if your target demographic is females over 80, speaking for my mom at least, she wouldn’t even use an app at all and only shop at Target vs a 18 year old who might expect to see beautiful photographs on Instagram and it better be organic, sustainably made and no harm to the environment. Anyways, good luck!



That’s nice to hear!

I will surely check it out some more.

Keep it up!!!

To tag people add @ then the name of the person you wanna tag.

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Can you share it for viewing you Google sheets. Thanks

its a bit hard now, maybe when its finished & more organized & cleaned I can share. Not much going on in google sheets. The main google sheet is the products that the store offers. (Products Catalog) Then there are google sheets to store data back from the App like the completed orders for example. A google sheet (arrayformula) to get successful stipe payments form the App: Sales sheet back to the app.
feel free if you have any particular question i’d love to help

thank you, very useful link and very true what you said.
My cousin does homemade soap from her home in Valencia so I thought maybe this can help not sure really how she will take things forward.
This app should also be part of a workshop in Arabic that helps people start and test their own businesses ideas without spending too much time & money, using automations and no code tools such as Glide.


Hi @rayo, if it helps you any, I just spent several hours testing a lot of those tools out and the one that I felt was easiest to work with for someone new to customer journey mapping is:

You can customize it with the recommendations from these two other resources that were also very helpful:

I’ll attach an image of the one I created for myself today.

As for your cousin, just some thoughts off the top of my head and hopefully others with more experience can chime in but I guess it depends on whether she wants to do B2C direct to customer or B2B ala wholesale to another reseller but I think there would definitely be a huge market for homemade soap if it was positioned right. From my own experience, my ex-girlfriend used to always drag me with her to this store called Lush in California which sells specialty soap as well as this other place called Bath and Body Works where she would look at soap and candles (yawn). I was always bored but was surprised to see so many other female shoppers there so if your cousin can tap into that specific category of shoppers, could be a sizable market. But not sure of the unit economics as again, I know nothing about shipping costs, typical mark-ups on wholesale and how return policies would work? I will say there’s a huge margin that can be applied for products that are deemed “organic” and environmentally friendly. Here’s one such org that promotes helping the environment and society:

that I am in the process of getting certification myself so could be one entry point for your sister if she wanted to enter the US market.

Lastly, if you are interested in helping set up a workshop in Arabic to help people start and test their own business ideas, have you looked at the idea of setting up incubators/accelerator programs? Here’s one org that does training for that sort of thing:

You might be able to work with your local city or state equivalent economic development organization to set up a program and find other local entrepreneurs to show them how to do it using Glide. Some jurisdictions have public monies available to help set up these programs and can also maybe connect you to investors to help fund the ideas that show the most promise. That’s the whole game behind accelerators and incubators, it’s really lead generation for angels and VCs to bet on the companies that show the most promise via their traction (or if they just believe in you and your idea)

Good luck!


@Jaime :arrow_up:

Well done @rayo!

on the orders sheet: maybe you can add a link to the sign up screen. Else, guest users might be lost.
How do you want to clean up the data of orders that were placed but never paid?
Do you want to include sales tax?

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By the way, I was browsing earlier, and I couldn’t see quickchart there anywhere?