Custom Cart, Guest Checkout, Multiple payment options, simple online store

Thank you, yes there were links for signing up which i removed as i haven’t yet finished the user account tabs & screens. wanted to test out and learn from feedback on the guest checkout process first.

cleaning up incomplete orders will be a pain especially with no scripts or zaps used. Do you have any suggestions?

for signed in users i was planning to add a max # of incomplete orders (3-5) that a user can place. If they want to checkout and create new orders they would have to delete from the incomplete orders.

I was also planning to test creating a 1 row table made out mostly of user specific columns for order details. Then when payment done, i create a new row in another table for complete orders. Not sure yet if that works.

Regarding sales tax, i wasn’t sure if I include or now. It won’t be hard to implement, but i thought most people who want to use such a template for an app that sells home made items usually don’t include tax or include it in the item price. what do u think?

it is now :smiley:

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incomplete orders: Yes, I also thought about user-specific columns. Work with public apps too. Let me know if it worked.

sales tax: I think it could be hard to implement, since there are many different cases and country rates, and only a few payment providers offer built-in solutions, such as thrivecart. Haven’t tried yet. Sales tax becomes relevant as soon vendors are businesses and need to make declarations and provide proof (invoices) or customers are foreign businesses and want to shop tax free.

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Cool design, I like the solution for showing/hiding sections, assuming that you are using different images, how would these scale on different screens?
some images have an on-click action, but you only get the same image again…

Thank u. Im not quite sure if scaling will work for all screens. It seems fine until now on the ones i checked.
Some images in the checkout process are locked on purpose until previous steps are completed or if no order is in checkout. Are these the ones you are referring to?

Il give it a try soon and update you though this will rule out the ability to checkout an incomplete order a few days after it was saved. I was planning to do that

no, I mean for example this

Yes this has no onclick action other than enlarging photo. Its a carousel of 3 images. You can slide it left to see the other 2

but why enlarging the photo, its filling the screen width anyway
carousel was not obvious to me, you could try something like Image carousel - indication of mutiple images from @Krivo

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Amazing job ! Congrats ! :partying_face:
The design is very good, as is the UX !

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true, i removed the enlarge. i was thinking of using css to keep Glide’s Slider Tag (2/3) from disappearing. but then i cannot make my app a template.

added a few new features, please check it out. is this worth adding to the template store? any advice on a suitable price?

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@rayo ayo Please add it to the template store. It would be benificial for many.