Glide Pages Slowness with Grouping On, Desktop Only

Has anyone experienced major lag and slowdown when using Card Collection with Grouping On, on a desktop?

I have a table of about 300 vehicles that when I go to that page, it freezes. I try to switch tabs and it will take 45-60 seconds to switch, same with entering a details screen. I only notice this on my PC, not mobile. I will check a Macbook later tonight.

It’s a card collection with grouping on. If I disable group by, it works fine and fast. The Group by is a Joined List of Buildings via a relation of building Row ID. Could the slowdown be that?

Glide Support: Glide

Chrome on Windows affected, Chrome on Macbook does not seem affected

Additional Information. Happens only when Collection Type is Card. If I change to List, no issues

If this issue still persists, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.